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Our flagship “Keeper” holster is the one that started it all. The first design that Spencer Keepers ever conceived, this patented AIWB holster is now a trusted part of the EDC gear configuration for hundreds of top notch instructors, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and average civilians all across the country. Own the original! Get your very own Keeper today! You can also order additional foam wedges or belt clips for your holster whenever you need them. The Keeper is available for a wide range of handguns and also accommodates a few standard options. When you’re ready to place an order, the order form will adjust to show all available options for each selection you make.

*All holsters have adjustable ride height and cant.


Need a minimized version of the classic Keeper holster? This is it! The Keeper Lite is a thinner, lighter version of the original patented “Keeper” holster. It is more conducive to thinner clothing and warmer weather. It is also often better suited for people with thinner body-builds. The Keeper Lite offers an even more minimalist version of the classic design, but with all the same security, comfort, and speed. The Keeper Lite is available for several mid-sized handguns and also accommodates several standard options. When you’re ready to place an order, the order form will adjust to show all available options for each selection you make.


We’re proud to announce the latest design from Keepers Concealment: The Cornerstone!

The Cornerstone is the culmination of the years of experience we have gained both in producing holsters and using them. It features two High Level Retention (HLR) Discreet Gear Clips™ produced by our friends at Discreet Carry Concepts as the attachment method giving the holster a very secure mounting system that is also incredibly slim. Additionally, the DCC clips make this the first tuckable holster we have ever produced. We have added our new “Wave” over the trigger guard which is a refinement of the original wedge that is integral to our Keeper Line. Just like the Keeper line, the Cornerstone cams the pistol back into the body through the simplified foot print of the Wave. The Wave makes this a less bulky holster while retaining the strength and durability that the Keeper line is known for. We are working as hard as we can to expand the line and add as many pistols as possible, so stay tuned for the latest models. These holsters are $89.99 before shipping.

Need to make a quick run for eggs or milk? No time to fully gear-up? No belt loops? The Errand is perfect for times like this. As the name implies, “The Errand” is all about running to the store, the gas station, Jujitsu class, or soccer practice with the kids, all while wearing sweat pants. In the busy life we live, there are many times when we may need to just make a really quick, five-minute run. For those quick engagements, suiting up in the usual “bat belt” often seems like quite a chore (no one likes to admit it, but we’ve all had that feeling). So The Errand is built for those times when we need to very quickly gear up with a smaller gun for a shorter period. This holster is designed to be worn with or without a belt – easy on, easy off. And while it’s great for those quick runs, the Errand also works perfectly well all day long for everyday carry, with or without a belt. It’s particularly popular with women! The Errand is available for several compact handguns. When you’re ready to place an order, the order form will adjust to show all available options for each selection you make.


Keepers Concealment began by focusing solely on the AIWB niche market. However, we realize that AIWB is a highly-specialized carry mode, and other methods are utilized by many firearms students and teachers. That includes one of Spencer’s longtime mentors, Tom Givens of Rangemaster. Tom has always carried on his strong-side hip, as do most law enforcement officers and many private sector trainers. So we couldn’t resist the opportunity to design a holster for just for them. This was the impetus behind the latest model from Keepers Concealment: The Mentor. This holster is worn inside the waistband, anywhere from the 3 o’clock to the 5 o’clock position. Like all of our holsters, The Mentor is lightweight, sleek, secure, low-profile, molded to precise firearm specifications, fully adjustable, and crafted with the same excellent workmanship that sets all of our models apart from competitors. Tom Givens has called Spencer Keepers the “Kydex bender extraordinaire,” and we are proud to live up to that moniker with this Givens-inspired design. The Mentor is our newest design, but several options are available already, and we hope to expand production soon. When you’re ready to place an order, the order form will adjust to show all available options for each selection you make.

The Mentor: The first strong-side IWB holster from Keepers Concealment, inspired by Tom Givens of Rangemaster

If your attire or your environment limits you to deep concealment or off-body carry, the Refuge is the choice for you. This holster is perfect for people whose circumstances don’t quite allow for waistline carry. This versatile holster allows safe, secure, deeply-concealed carry in an inside or outside pocket of a purse (assuming the pocket is appropriate size). It keeps the gun upright and accessible, and completely covers the trigger guard providing additional safety. We can custom fit The Refuge to the size of most purse pockets (please specify pocket dimensions when ordering).


Enjoy the comfort and flexibility of a belly band with the added security and speed of molded kydex from Keepers Concealment. The Flex is a unique new design that we recently developed for those who often carry in belly bands. These molded kydex inserts can be added to your belly band holster for greatly improved security and trigger guard protection without sacrificing any of the comfort and flexibility that a belly band affords (belly band not included).


All AIWB holsters from Keepers Concealment are equipped with light, breathable foam wedges for extra comfort. Order additional wedges for easy replacement in case your original one starts to wear.  Sold in sets of two.

Need to replace or modify the loop on your holster? We offer split loops and solid loops in 1.5″ and 1.75″ to suit your preference. Purchase a new belt loop for your Keeper or Keeper Lite, and customize your carry system exactly how you like it.

We also customize our holsters to accommodate several common pistol modifications like RMR sights, threaded barrels, and mounted lights. Be sure to select those add-ons when placing your holster order.


Customer Reviews of “The Keeper”

This holster is amazing...I have a ton of appendix holsters, but this is the first holster that I’ve purchased for appendix carry that doesn’t remind me I’m carrying appendix. It makes me forget that I’m even carrying a pistol. Normally on my old kydex holsters the plastic pushes on me at the muzzle end making it uncomfortable for long periods of time…not to mention the mag end prints out of my shirt. With the keepers holster it makes those problems non existence. I actually want to keep my gun on all day. Thanks again for such a great product.

– S. Choy, 2014

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I used this holster mainly as a range rig for an advanced handgun class I took this past fall (2014). With countless draws and reholsters throughout the 4-day class, this thing worked wonderfully! So comfortable and sneaky even with a full-size pistol. Over 2,000 rounds through my glock 17 in this holster from a closed-front garment, concealed position and I won’t take any other holsters to another class again. Just on the website now ordering one for a full-size S&W M&P!

- C. Stegall, 2015

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Do not hesitate!

I finally ordered and received my holster and WOW. I have been carrying appendix for about two years and i have tried pretty much all of the big names out there. I finally settled on a self modified version of a popular holster for the past 3 months or so.

I hesitated for a while to buy a keepers due to the price but after finally pressing the darn buy it now button i cannot take this thing off man, it is so comfortable and just full of awesome. This is by far the best appendix carry holster i have EVER tried. i have already recommended it to at least 3 people. Worth every penny!!!

You really nailed it with this one. Thank you for making this!

- Ricky, 2015

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Just received my Keeper holster for a glock 17 with an RMR. I am fairly big – 6’1, 220. after trying different positions on the body and different placements for the wedge, found that a large wedge, vertically aligned with the bottom of the holster, carried at 12:30 works well for me – seated or standing. very pleased overall.

- Igor, 2015

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The Keeper is the first AIWB holster for me, and I’m very happy with it. Concealability is much better than I’m used too, and so is the ability to draw from concealment. The adjustments for retention, height, cant, foam pads, and the soft velco against the body all work well. Bending over and sitting are more comfortable than I thought possible.

- Skeeter, 2015

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I have been carrying AIWB for several years with several different holsters. Spencers holster is by far the best AIWB i have tried. It pulls against the body better than any others. I carry a G19 in a G17 holster and it is as comfortable as a small 380. Here is a full review I did on the holster.

- B. Cornelius, 2016

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I can’t believe how comfortable a Glock 34 can be carried AIWB! Don’t hesitate if you are thinking about buying this holster. Skip all the others and get this one, as it is well worth the price when you consider how comfortable, concealable, and fast this holster is.

- G. Lewis, 2016

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I know that you’ve heard this numerous times, and I apologize for telling you something that you already know but your holsters are the most comfortable that I’ve ever worn. I carry my Glock 19 in one of your Original models and my Glock 43 in an Errand. As is true for most gun owners who carry concealed, I have a drawer full of holsters that promised to be perfect when I had my credit card in my hand but the Original that I purchased from you is in a league of its own for comfort, and concealability. Thank you for the thought and effort that you’ve put into making such an incredible holster.

- Bill K., 2016

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I have had the holster for a few weeks now. I will start off saying I have numerous AIWB holsters that are the “best” . I have never found one that is comfortable for me as I drive a lot for work. I am a huge fan of this holster I have the glock 17 model and I can carry a 26, 19, 17. No noticeable difference in concealability. I have not put my self on a timer yet but can tell my draw time standing is a little faster and my seated draw time is noticeably faster. I don’t need a timer for the seated time my typical incog at the 5 o’clock position vs the keeper are not even in the same ball park. I have been hesitant in ordering a holster from Spencer even though I have known him for years. I wish I would have bought one when he first started making them. I will be taking a AIWB class from him in the near future when our schedules can match up. I will also be ordering one for a glock 20, 21 and a 19 with a xc1.

- Al Fair, 2016

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I’ve been carrying a handgun for 36 years. These are the most concealable, comfortable, and dependable holsters I have ever used. Buy the best, cry only once, and learn how to use the darn thing. Nuff said. Thanks Keepers Concealment.

- Paul Kirby, 2016

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I have been carrying concealed since 1980. Last year, Ian Strimbeck showed me Spencer Keeper’s holsters. I now own a Glock 17 keeper, a Glock 43 errand, and most recently a 1911 keeper. These are the most comfortable and concealable holsters I have ever used. 35 years with a strong side hip holster, and now I only carry appendix. Who said an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Thank you Keepers concealment for a superior American made product.

- Paul Kirby, 2015

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An injury forced me to consider appendix carry and I’m now glad I did. I got my Keepers for my 1911 a few months ago but really didn’t use it much until I had the chance to train with Spencer and learn the ins and outs of this type carry. It’s definitely a great way to go. This holster is super safe and fast. You literally can’t holster without the thumb safety in the safe position and this safety cannot come off while the gun is holstered. Will be getting a Keeper for my Glock next.

- Jack Carson, 2016

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Customer Reviews of Other Products

I’ve owned a “China Pick” for a couple of years now. The original sheath that I received with the knife was bulky but serviceable after some work, I had to grind away quite a bit of excess kydex around the grip and around the tip to reduce the profile of the thing. I set mine up with a Spyderco G-clip rather than a Tek-Lock to reduce bulk, but there was still plenty of package there to hide when I was done. And it still poked me a little bit with the tip of the sheath when I bent over (I have mine set up for left hand access, cross draw).

Spencer has corrected all of that with this sheath. There is synergy here, the whole definitely more than equals the sum of the parts. He has created a true ambidextrous design that is also easily converted form horizontal to angled grip. the low profile clip can be used for inside the belt or outside (mine goes inside to reduce the profile when I wear a belt and outside when I’m wearing running shorts). the profile around the blade is minimal while retaining just enough material to provide a robust anchoring platform (so important with kydex that might see real-life application).

Spencer’s Clinch Pick Sheath is everything that you need for this knife and nothing that you don’t. Spencer has fixed all that.

- Mike Alba, 2015

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I love my Errand holster. I can literally wear it with nothing but a t-shirt and gym shorts and it holds secure, conceals well, super comfortable. Holster is specially designed for appendix from the ground up. The foam wedges make a huge difference; soft cushy feel, spreads the pressure out, and wedges the frame a grip tighter to the waist for concealment. Fully enclosed rounded muzzle end helps a lot too. Worth every penny. Also, great service; Spencer got me this made and shipped in just a a couple weeks, working around his travel schedule for training events. Recommending to all my friends.

- Big Jim, 2016

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After carrying my Glock 19 in one of your Originals for a while, I didn’t hesitate to order an Errand for my Glock 43. Both of them surpass any holsters that I’ve ever tried for comfort and concealability and I have a drawer of “also-rans” to compare them against. The Errand absolutely excels at being the holster what it was designed to be. I just want to say “thank you” for making holsters like the Errand that make carrying very discreet AND very comfortable.

- Bill K, 2016

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I was a little skeptical of AIWB before purchasing an Errand and taking Spencer’s class. Both the holster and the instructor are top shelf! Give this equipment a try.

- Warren Wilson, 2016

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I have owned and used the Errand, with a S&W Shield, almost every day for a year now. This is a fantastic holster. It holds well, rides well, comfortable, and is very concealable. Excellent investment that you can wear anywhere. I have carried the Shield in a multitude of holsters and tried lost of different ways but this is by far the best.

- Gary Venable, 2016

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I’ve known and trained with Spencer Keeper of Keepers Concealment for several years now. I’ve found Spencer to be a thoughtful person. He doesn’t generally speak unless he has something to say, so when he does talk I’ve always listened. in other words I have immense respect for him as a shooter and as a firearms/combatives/defensive mindset instructor (which is a title I just now bestowed on him). When I first found out that Spencer was producing holsters I knew there would be some major differences between what he produced and EVERYTHING else on the market. I was right. Spencer’s “The Errand” is hands down the most comfortable small to medium size AIWB holster I’ve ever worn, and in fact is more comfortable than some OWB holsters. Mine is for a 9mm S&W M&P Shield, and the gun just disappears under a dark colored t-shirt. My “The Errand” is comfortable enough against my skin that I wear it that way most of the time. I don’t know how Spencer did it, but I can carry my loaded (8 round magazine) Shield comfortably in a pair of pajama pants or running shorts (as long as the string for the pants/shorts is not too stretchy 🙂 ). In fact, the pistol travels upstairs last thing at night, and downstairs first thing in the morning every day just like that. if I could have only one pistol, and one holster, for the rest of my life…well, this is that combo. Thanks Spencer, for making the best concealment holsters in the world!

- Mike Alba, 2015

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Let me tell you a tale. A tale of a holster and a gun.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a young princess heard about Appendix Inside the WaistBand (AIWB) carry. Little did she know about this carry system and even when her handsome prince switched to AIWB she considered herself unable to acquaint herself to such a new and awkward mode of carry. The years rolled on and fondly did she look upon this means of carry with desire. But it was not to be. Then, one day, a knight shared his secret of the mystical weapon called, The Shield. It was concealable! She purchased one but still had no holster. Another knight sent her an Errand to try. The match was made. The relationship was forged out of mutual respect, superior concealment, comfort and ease of use. The kingdom rejoiced and they lived happily ever after.

That’s the truncated version. It’s also the true version.

When I got my safety-less S&W Shield and was considering my first AIWB holster Spencer Keeper’s Keeper was on my list of potential holsters, but not at the top. I feared his holster would be too thick and I wouldn’t be able to conceal the firearm well. I am, after all, a pretty petite female.

Knowing I was searching for a holster, Spencer contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try his new holster he dubbed The Errand. It wasn’t out on the market yet and he wanted to see what I thought. He told me he wasn’t expecting miracles with concealment because I am so small but I could try it. I immediately accepted. I had nothing to lose. It was a chance to try one of his holsters without being out a lot of money and if it didn’t work out I could go back to my long list of holsters to start working through.

I got it in the mail a few days after our conversation (November 8th, to be exact) and I don’t really remember my first day carrying with it. Or my second. Or my third. Or my first time going to town. Or the first time to sit down and nurse my baby while wearing it. Or the first time I fell asleep wearing it. In other words, the holster system immediately melded into my daily life and practices. It entirely surpassed all of my expectations for a concealed carry holster and even a way of carry. More importantly, however, was the fact that I could carry my Shield from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed in total comfort and concealment (if I chose) and even in unconventional clothing.

At first glances it looks like any other kydex holster with a few oddities. If you’re curious, like me, you call Spencer and drill him for an hour as to what those oddities mean. In the true form of someone who understands guns and long-term carry, Spencer designed a purpose-built holster with a specific reason for pretty much every nook and cranny of the design.

The Errand doesn’t rely on belt loops like a lot of conventional holsters. Instead it has a wide, stiff belt clip that is stippled on the tooth for better grip on casual wear like sweat pants or shorts. The whole point of the holster is that it’s meant to be something you could wear at one o’clock in the morning for a trip to the convenience store in your PJs, or bumming around the house in your sweats, or to and from the gym in shorts. No one wears jeans and a belt 100% of the time and the Errand is meant to fill that gap. Despite being designed to be easily worn in the comfort of sweat pants and belt-less shorts, it still fits snug with a belt and, of course, has more stability and perhaps a little more concealment when one is used. More on that, later.

Spencer’s goal was to make the Errand as thin as possible. I asked him why he then chose to put the loop directly on the thickest part of the holster vs by the trigger guard where a lot of other AIWB holster makers put their loops or clips for a thinner overall profile. He said he’d considered doing that but without the stability of a belt, one of the heaviest parts of the gun, the slide, would be forward of the clip and could cause the gun to start tipping in.

Having experienced that with another AIWB holster that was not fit well to my belt I understood how that could be a concern. The centrally located clip does leave the gun more stable on not-so-stable clothing.

When I got the holster, at first I was a bit confused as to why it is so long. The length of the holster is about an inch longer than the gun itself. The tip tappers down on both sides to a comfortably rounded point that is open. I didn’t even get around to asking Spencer why this was before he started explaining that small guns like the Shield are heaviest in the rear and many holster makers leave their holsters so short that the gun can roll out over top of the waistband. Particularly those with generous midsections. The extra length of the holster keeps the gun from rolling out and the tapered, rounded tip eliminates pinching in the soft tissue of the thigh or groin but also allows air to circulate to cool hot muzzles while attending classes or having high round count range sessions.

The entire rear and tip of the holster is covered with soft Velcro and this is for the application of Spencer’s unique foam wedges. I’ll admit that I thought the wedges were dumb, or at least unnecessary. Most importantly, they were ugly. Why that mattered to something you stuck in the pants? I don’t know. But I’m a chick. We chicks are funny about those things. I also didn’t feel like I needed them. The point is to cushion the bottom of the holster and press the muzzle out so that the grip will be held more snugly to the body. The holster was very snug to my tiny little body. So for the first month I didn’t put them on the holster.

When I called Spencer to talk to him about the holster one of the first things he asked me was if I used the wedges. The holster comes with two but replacements can be purchased from his website. I confessed that I had not. “You should try them,” he chirped, and left it at that. I felt guilty. I also felt like if I were to do a thorough review I should at least try so I could explain why I chose to leave them off. I wasn’t entirely sure where I wanted to put one because I really didn’t feel like I needed it. Then I remembered that in one pair of my jeans when I wore the errand I would get the slightest bit of chaffing on the inside of my right thigh. I figured that was a good place to start. I put the wedge on the bottom of the holster so that it wraps around that area and it has stayed there ever since. My only complaint is that I didn’t do it sooner. I didn’t see a noticeable difference in my concealment (because, well, I really am tiny) but it does help push the grip into the belly more. It’s ugly. But it works!

The Errand has a pretty generous sweat guard. In general, I am anti sweat guard. All of my favorite holsters have the sweat guards removed or I asked holster makers to cut them down. The first AIWB holster I ever used also did not have a sweat guard. I thought I would eventually want to take a Dremel cutting tool to it but I no longer see that happening.

AIWB carry is different in that you are going to be to bending your body around your gun. If you squat, sit, reach for anything or move you are going to have your belly moving around your gun. With no sweat shield or undershirt that is going to mean, A: that you will get sweat on your gun and B: that you will end up with a nice little imprint of the side of your gun in the skin of your belly. It’s also probable that you will end up with a nice little hot spot where the rear sight and slide have been stabbing you. This has not happened with the Errand. The sweat guard comes off the body of the holster strong, tapers in slightly and then flares out again before curving around the back of the slide and rear sights. This added curve protects the body from any pinching or poking of the rear sight and slide and leaves the wearer very comfortable.

Even with the large sweat shield, the magazine release is still accessible. Something I am fond of seeing in any holster. Neither does the sweat guard prohibit the shooter from getting a high, sure grip on the firearm as many sweat guards in the holster industry over are wont to do.

It’s well known that re-holstering is the most dangerous time for any kind of carry. Those who carry appendix appreciate the re-holster even more because of the sensitive nature of the pelvic area over which the gun rests. Looking and carefully placing the gun in the holster are paramount when carrying AIWB and the Errand assists to that end. The large sweat shield and generous open mouth act as a sort of funnel that is very easy to slide the firearm into with a solid, audible snap once the gun is fully seated.

The hardware is metal. The main retention screw is a nylon lock nut so one does not have to worry about it loosening over time. While the retention can be adjusted by removing a thin metal washer or adding another I have found the retention (which comes from the molding around the trigger guard) to be pretty ideal. Tight enough to retain the gun, loose enough to not have to fight to get your gun out of the holster.

AIWB carry by its nature allows for better access than many other forms of carry but the holster can have a fair bit to do with it as well. The Errand carried the gun high enough off the belt to allow for a full firing grip on the gun while still in the holster but not so high that it is not concealable.

The overall molding of the holster is good. There is no over molding around the ejection port or front sight which prevents those parts from snagging on the holster during the draw (a problem I’ve encountered with other kydex holsters). If you’re into changing your sights there’s plenty of room around the top of the slide/slight area for new, larger sights. You can even order the Errand to accommodate a Red Dot Sight (RDS) equipped handgun. Spencer doesn’t make the Errand to accommodate lights or other laser mounts but any grip-activated lasers like crimson trace will likely find no interference.

I saved concealment for last because it was where I was most skeptical. I am not exaggerating when I talk about my size. The reason I had to go to a S&W Shield at all was because concealing a Glock in the AIWB position looked like a tumor on me. Going down to a single-stack firearm was my only option if I was going to go AIWB and even then it is not as concealable as I would have hoped. That is no fault of the holster, it’s simply my body size and type. On larger frames I have seen this gun and holster combination virtually vanish. To illustrate that I asked my friend and trainer, Greg Ellifritz, to send me some pictures of him carrying the Errand. It’s remarkable to note the difference that body type can make in concealment.

Even as small as I am, however, the holster does a very good job of concealing something so large relative to my body size. It conceals well enough without wearing a belt but with a belt it seems to tug the gun into my abdomen and conceal itself nicely behind any belt buckle I’m wearing.

I’ve had this holster for just about two months now and have lost count of how many draw strokes I’ve put it through. I’ve run it through a two-day defensive handgun class and done a little rolling around in it. It’s been spit up on, had sweet potatoes down it and a whole other slew of madness. It’s still going strong and I anticipate it will for a very long time to come.

Spencer knew what he was doing when he designed this holster and from one end to the other it is packed with features only a seasoned shooter would appreciate. To say it’s a good investment is an understatement. Right now the Errand is going for $90 on the Keeper Concealment website and is available for the S&W Shield, the Glock 42, the Walther PPS and the Springfield XDs though I know Spencer is actively looking at adding more firearms to that list. If I were rating holsters on a 1-5 star rating system, the Errand would get a blazing 5. It fits every one of my needs. It is far more comfortable than I could have imagined possible. It is accessible and concealable but also stable. Rarely does a holster fill all of those criteria without compromise. If you’re looking for a good holster for a compact gun, check out the Errand.

Melody Lauer
Central Iowa Defense Training
Lucky Gunner Magazine
January 2015
(Here's Melody's original post, with photos)

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  5. Having problems finding a appendix carry for my big belly have anything for a ruger sr9c?

  6. I have a sig sauer P239, and need an appendix holster, do you offer anything for this?

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