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Welcome to Keepers Concealment

Hello and welcome to Keepers Concealment. Having spent years carrying and training with firearms, we constantly struggled with finding the best appendix carry holster. One day our founder, Spencer Keepers, decided that if he can't buy the right holster, he would make one. The initial firearm that started the push was a full-size and a half Glock 35. Spencer decided if he could hide a long slide Glock he could hide most other firearms. Through a lot of experimenting, Kydex bending, and feedback...CONTINUE...

Spencer also teaches many other classes at the BDC Gunroom in Shawnee, OK.  Click here to check out their classes and schedules.

Upcoming Training Events:


May 14, 2016
Appendix Carry Skills Class

AIWB:  What it is.  What it isn’t. How to get the most out of it safely.

This will be an 8 hour live-fire and dry-fire class that will dive deep into how to get the most out of carrying AIWB.

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