Pros and Cons of AIWB Carry

There are lots of pocket pistols, Sig P229, Springfield, and Glock 19 holsters on the market so it can be hard to know which one is the best option for you. Listed below are just a few of the pros and cons that people should keep in mind when deciding whether to carry AIWB.


  1. Carrying AIWB puts the gun forward of the hips thus giving the person better opportunity to get to the gun and better control of the gun than traditional strongside, and especially small of the back, carry.
  2. It’s faster. It’s just plain faster. When combined with a proper draw stroke that has been optimized for AIWB most people will see anywhere from 3/10ths up to almost 1 second in reduction to first hit draw speed. Shooting fast and accurately in any justified lethal force situation is never a bad thing. I have yet to meet anyone who has been in a gunfight that has said, “Wow, I wish I had been just a little slower on that first shot”.
  3. It’s easy to conceal. The light bulb moment for me was when I was wearing one of my first prototype AIWB holsters at Lowe’s buying screws for another prototype holster. I dropped the pack of screws in front of me and with several people standing behind me I just simply bent over and picked the pack of screws up instead of trying to squat or do the stiff legged bend over that I was so use to doing carrying strong side. Anyone experienced with iowa concealed carry law (or that of any other state) and how difficult it can be to conceal a firearm may find this information to be a godsend. With something as simple and lightweight as an Under Armour T shirt, I conceal a Glock 35 when I’m out and about. I have many armed professional friends of mine that wear our holster in what is actually considered a very discreet carry place, their very lives may depend on their ability to keep that firearm concealed. And they do that with our holster. While sometimes the gun may actually print, what will typically happen is the natural folds of the shirt will conceal that and no one will ever be the wiser.
  4. It’s just flat easy to get to. When you consider how much time in our lives we spend seated, or if your job dictates that you sit and protect the people around you, carrying AIWB gives distinct advantages. While drawing the gun from AIWB while seated the draw stroke and body mechanics do not need to change, giving a very fast draw from AIWB. It’s also easy to get to from many unorthodox positions such as in a fight while you are on your back, or in any other screwed up position you may find yourself in. It’s also very easy to get to with just your strong hand and even your support hand. With proper training, a strong hand only or weak hand only draw is significantly easier and faster than strong side carry.
  5. It typically far more comfortable than traditional strong side IWB carry. Once the ride height and cant of the holster is correct, it’s far more comfortable for the vast majority of people than IWB.


  1. It can be incredibly dangerous while re holstering the gun. You need a proper re holstering technique while carrying AIWB. Look for a future video here on Keepers Concealment regarding that.
  2. You have to use some form of closed front cover garment. So clothing choices such as a tucked in shirt and a sports coat will not work.
  3. Pant ride height, or waist height, can play a role and normally you need a higher-waisted pant for comfort while concealing AIWB. No low riding hipster skinny jeans here!

If you’re looking for more options for holstering your glock 43, check out this Outdoor Empire article on the best glock 43 iwb holster.

  1. Quick question. I’m 5’5” 215 Lbs. I can’t decide if I should order the Keeper for my G23 or G27. So my question with my stature what would you recommend? Also ordering the Keeper for a G23 put me at a disadvantage to carry the G27 for better concealment and comfort?









    • Good afternoon Ed,
      You would need to order a holster that has a min length of a G19/23 to stabilize the pistol ( that would be why we do not produce a holster specifically for the G26/27. Have a great week and stay dangerous.

      Keepers Concealment.

  2. My Keeper Lite has been more comfortable than expected. Do you have plans for a tuckable version? Thank you.

    • Hello Morey,
      We are looking into several options as to how to make a tuckable version work affectivly but are still in the prodotype stages.
      -Parker, Keepers Concealment.

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