Introducing “The Errand”

As the name implies, “The Errand” is all about running to the store, the gas station, Jujitsu class, or soccer practice with the kids. In the busy life we all live, there are many times when you just need to run to the store or go get Starbucks, and putting on all your carry gear just isn’t going to happen. I know… I know… that would never happen… right?!  But it does… all the time.

So the Errand is built for those times when you just want to carry a smaller gun, quick on, and quick off.  With years of knowledge gained from training, teaching, talking and building  appendix holsters, we have put lots of that knowledge into the “Errand” such as the holster length being longer than the gun, and features from the “Keeper” such as soft Velcro foam pads and closed muzzle end.  The “Errand” is a very minimalist holster with a thin profile.

Easy on, easy off, the “Errand” is built to work with a 1.5″ belt or without! Going to Jujitsu or getting Starbucks while still in your sweats or gi pants… no problem!  The “Errand” is made to stay on if you have to draw your gun.

We build the “Errand” for the new crop of small single stack semi auto guns such as the S&W Shield, Walther PPS, XDs and Glock 42, with others to be added soon.
For those who know me, they know my favorite carry gun is the Glock 35 and favorite holster is the Keeper, but I found a need for a easy on off holster, and so did my Girl. I needed a small thin holster for us both. So the “Errand” was born. As a firearm instructor, is it perfect?  No.  I will always tell you to carry the biggest gun you can.  Will it do the job that 95% of the typical encounters are? Yes.

*The name and design input was given by Craig Douglas, aka Southnarc.

  1. I won’t carry a single stack handgun. Is there any thought to making this holster for the CZ 75D PCR?

    • Good Evening Keith,
      We will not be adding the CZ 75 model to the Errand line. At some point it may be added to the original Keeper line, if enough demand is seen in the market.

      Keepers Concealment.

  2. Can this fit walther ppqm2 5in 9mm???

    • Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to produce a holster for the PPQ.

      Keepers Concealment.

  3. Would this fit a Ruger LC9s?

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