Greg Ellifritz on “The Errand”

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“The Errand” – Spencer Keepers’ New Holster Design

Written by Greg Ellifritz

A couple months  ago I got a package in the mail from my buddy Spencer Keepers from Keepers Concealment.  The package contained a prototype of Spencer’s new holster design “The Errand.”

I truly believe that Spencer makes the greatest appendix inside the waistband holsters on the market today.  I carry my Glock 19 in his “Keeper” version almost everywhere I go.  It’s an amazing rig.

As well as it holds and conceals the gun, “The Keeper” is a big holster.  Sometimes I need to carry a gun even more low profile than my Glock 19 in Spencer’s AIWB holster.  That’s where the new holster comes in.  The Errand is lighter and thinner than Spencer’s original design.  Even better, the new design attaches with a clip rather than a belt loop.

Spencer sent me an Errand for my 9mm S&W shield.  I’ve been carrying it regularly and taking it to the range.  Folks, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.  It’s the perfect mix of comfort and security.

I was honestly a little concerned about the plastic clip that holds the holster onto the pants or belt.  I have had bad experiences in the past when holsters with clips from other manufacturers have come off the belt during the drawstroke.  I was worried that the same thing might happen with the Errand.  I was wrong.  In hundreds of draws wearing everything from a full tactical belt to just a pair of sweat pants, I’ve never had the holster come off while trying to draw.  That’s quite an accomplishment and I’m sold on the design.

Besides having a rock solid clip, the Errand has an absolutely perfect ride height.  It sticks up over the belt just enough to get a full hand grip on the weapon, but not too much that it becomes uncomfortable or floppy.  The ride height works with or without a belt.  That’s a very important feature when designing an appendix inside the waistband holster.  Most companies get it wrong, placing the gun too high or low in relation to the belt/pants line.

The holster uses the same system of foam wedges that Spencer uses on his larger “Keeper” model.  The wedges cushion the holster and keep it from poking the wearer in the thigh or groin.  They also angle the holster in such a way that the butt of the gun is pushed into the stomach for even better concealment.  This angled push is also aided by the fact that the holster is about an inch longer than the gun itself.  The extra inch in length (at the end of the muzzle) helps to stabilize the gun and keeps the butt even closer to the body.  I’m not aware of any other holster manufacturer that does this, but it really helps with concealment.


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