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Awareness Defense Training
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 5 reviews
 by Ken S
Important Class To Take
Which Class Did You Take?: AIWB Carry

I took this class because I had purchased a Keepers AIWB holster and wanted to learn the proper way to use it. I highly recommend this class to anyone considering AIWB Carry.

 by Warren
This is THE AIWB guy!
Which Class Did You Take?: AIWB

I got so much out of Spencer's class that I encouraged my wife to attend his next AIWB class. In one day, she was able to draw and fire accurately in 1.3 seconds consistently. I'm currently using what I learned in training my PD's officers in off-duty carry.

 by Douglas Wylie
Private lesson success
Which Class Did You Take?: Private lesson

I came through OKC on business and reached out to Spencer for a private lesson, he was very accommodating. I’d never carried AIWB before, but bought one of his holsters. 8 months of practice later, I took Gabe White’s class shooting from AIWB, I was .06 away from the Turbo Pin. Spencer’s training just flat out works!

 by Sean H
Retired Police Sgt
Which Class Did You Take?: AIWB Skills

I took Spencer’s class earlier this year in Oklahoma. The first part was well spent in the classroom with Spencer discussing the reasoning behind the design of his holsters. Spencer has put a ton of thought into this and it shows. I currently own 4 of his holsters. It has become my go to holster and the first one I recommend.

If you want to know how to run a gun efficiently while carrying appendix, Spencer is the man to see. I have noticed a lot of well known instructors have adopted Spencer techniques. Spencer has put so much thought into his teachings you are guaranteed to leave his course better. I’ll will be seeking out another course from him in the near future.

 by Luke Hague
Amazing Instructor
Which Class Did You Take?: Private Lesson

My first class ever was a private lesson with Spencer and it was awesome. I was nervous to take a class because I didn't know what to expect. I had been around guns my whole life but had never had any training. Spencer was great, he was patient with me while helping me break all the bad habits I had developed over the years. If you are nervous, like I was, to enroll in a large class then I recommend scheduling private lessons with Spencer. Great guy. Great instructor.