AIWB Skills Class – OKC, OK @ Private Range
May 30 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Advanced AIWB Skills Class – Culpepper, VA @ Meet-Up Location (7-Eleven Store)
Jun 27 @ 8:45 am – Jun 28 @ 5:30 pm
Advanced AIWB Skills Class - Culpepper, VA @ Meet-Up Location (7-Eleven Store) | Culpeper | Virginia | United States


AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waist Band)

Carry Skills Class

Note: This will be a combination live and dry fire class that will focus on how, as an individual, you will you most utilize the AIWB carry system.

Topics Discussed:


  • 4 Rules firearm safety
  • Muzzle discipline
  • Trigger finger placement
  • Range etiquette

AIWB Carry

  • Holster and gun selection. Specifically, how that may differ between one person and another
  • How to incorporate AIWB carry into your everyday life
  • Clothing options
  • Going out in public and interactions
  • Tips to conceal in all types of weather conditions

Drawing and Reholstering

  • How to safely reholster
  • Efficient and fast draw stroke actions with two hands
  • Drawing while moving; ensuring safety around yourself and beyond the target
  • How to move effective and fast while making hits
  • Retention draw stroke; when is it applicable and how to close the distance or remain at range from the target
  • Dominant hand drawing
  • Seated draw stroke
  • Stealth draw stroke and why using an AIWB makes this easy and effective
  • Non-dominant hand draws


  • Breaking down dominant hand reloading actions
  • Using non-dominant reloading actions

Shooting Fundamentals and Performance Training

  • Grip
  • Trigger control
  • Sight management and defining what is acceptable
  • How to improve your accuracy and speed simultaneously
  • Making the best shooter today practice tools for tomorrow
  • How do diagnose mistakes and correct them
  • Practice doesn’t come easy, but it pays off by making a better shooter

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If at the end of class you can tell me honestly, face-to-face, that you did not learn new skills or improve your skills, I will gladly refund you. My passion is to give you greater knowledge about self-defense and shooting. My goal is to give you the tools to improve your shooting skills.

Students will need:


  • Range gear, Ear and Eye protection
  • AIWB holster and OWB strong side holster ( IF you cannot demonstrate safe re-holstering you will be asked to use an OWB strong side holster)
  • Reliable semi-auto handgun
  • 800 rounds of ammo
  • 3 spare mags and one mag pouch
  • Chair, snacks, and drinks
Performance-Focused Skills, Drills, and Tests – Bland MO @ Armed Missouri, Inc.
Oct 3 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Performance-Focused Skills, Drills, and Tests - Bland MO @ Armed Missouri, Inc. | Bland | Missouri | United States

For Tickets:  Performance-Focused Skills, Drills, and Tests

Students who take both classes will obtain the greatest benefit plus receive a discount ($450.00 instead of $500.00). Visit this link to sign up for BOTH DAYS 2-Day AIWB & Performance-Focused Skills, Drills, and Tests