Situational Control (OK) @ Oklahoma City Gun Club
Feb 24 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Situational Control (OK) @ Oklahoma City Gun Club | Arcadia | Oklahoma | United States

Situational Control

You have heard it said that awareness is the most critical skill to have, and that it true. This class will dive in to how to be aware and what to look for once you see a person that you think might be a problem.

The goal of everyone that carries a gun should be to never have to use it and we intend to make you more aware and give you tools, such a verbal skills and body language skills, to hopefully get you to the point where you never have to use a gun.

For the people who choose not to carry a gun or only carry occasionally, this is the most important class they can come to, because the only gunfight you win is the one you’re not in.

This class consist of being able to gain control of an approaching person and trying to determine their intent by judging their actions and knowing what to look for.

  • Awareness skills
  • Verbalization skills
  • Profanity, should I use it or not?
  • Managing unknown intent with strangers
  • How to avoid task fixation
  • How to maintain distance
  • How to gain visual plane
  • Recognizing pre-assault indicator cues
  • Parking lot safety
  • Vehicle safety
  • Children management, entering and exiting a vehicle
  • Non-threatening hand gestures
  • Live interaction