AIWB Skills (TX) @ Palisade Training Group, LLC
Nov 17 all-day
AIWB Skills (TX) @ Palisade Training Group, LLC | Texas | United States

This is a comprehensive overview of the often misunderstood “appendix inside-the-waistband” (AIWB) mode of concealed carry. We’ll teach you what AIWB is, what it isn’t, and how to get the most out of it, safely.

This is an 8-hour live-fire and dry-fire class that dives deep into all the fundamentals and some of the most overlooked aspects of carrying AIWB. Topics will include:

  • Safety
  • Holster and gun selection
  • How to wear the holster; Clothing concerns
  • How to safely re-holster into the appendix position (make sure the operator is safe)
  • Efficient and fast draw stroke from various positions
  • Two-handed and one-handed reloads

For this weekend, students will need…

  • Range gear, Ear and Eye protection
  • AIWB holster and OWB strong side holster (students who struggle with the AIWB will be asked to switch to OWB)
  • Reliable semi auto handgun
  • 850 rounds of ammo
  • 3 spare mags minimum and at least one mag pouch
  • Water/Beverages to stay hydrated
  • Chair, sun screen, etc.
Critical Defensive Pistol Skills (TX) @ Palisade Training Group, LLC
Nov 18 all-day
Critical Defensive Pistol Skills (TX) @ Palisade Training Group, LLC | Texas | United States

Spencer Keepers (Awareness Defense Training) and Steve Moses (Palisade Training Group, LLC) will co-teach this special one-day class that focuses on critical threat management skills for use in the event of unwanted contact with persons whose intent may range from suspicious all the way to murderously criminal. Topics covered in detail will include the following:

  • Varied motivations of violent criminals and why it matters
  • Interrupting the See-Choose-Stalk-Attack phases of a criminal assault
  • Principles of the counter-ambush and understanding of the Boyd OODA Loop
  • Selection of tools and recommended carry methods
  • Preferred methods of gun-handling so as to maximize safety, efficiency, and speed
  • Achieving significant increase in terms of shooting speed and accuracy for use in circumstances where seconds truly do count
  • Enhancing performance under stress
  • Dealing with the aftermath of a lawful defensive use of force

Course Requirements: Carry pistol of .380 caliber or larger, concealment style holster (appendix carry welcome!), 3 magazines and 2 magazine pouches, robust belt, eye/ear protection, hat or cap with brim, 300 rounds of ammunition, lunch and drinks (we eat at the range), lawn chair, sunblock, and clothes suitable for weather and season.