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Keepers Concealment and Awareness Defense Training were both founded by Spencer Keepers. Spencer is the lead instructor for all of the courses offered by Awareness Defense Training, and he also teaches at BDC Gun Room. Listed below are just a few of Spencer’s most recent credentials.


  • Awareness Defense Training, LLC
  • Keepers Concealment, LLC

Instructor & Advanced Instructor Credentials:

  • Oklahoma Shooting Skills (Will Andrews; Oklahoma City, OK)
  • RangeMaster (Tom Givens; Memphis TN)
  • Defense Training International (John Farnam; Ft. Collins, CO)
  • NRA Handgun Instructor
  • CLEET – SDA Instructor

Handgun, Carbine, and Force-on-Force:

  • Extreme Close Quarters Concepts
  • Armed Movement In Structures
  • USSA – CQT 240 (Tough Guy Award)
  • Rangemaster 3-day Instructor class
  • Rangemaster Advanced Instructor class
  • Rangemaster Dynamic Marksmanship (Top Shooter)
  • Rangemaster CP1 (Top Shooter)
  • Rangemaster Shotgun
  • Hackathorn Advanced Handgun
  • Hardwired Tactical Handgun
  • TDSA Handgun
  • DTI Advanced Handgun x3 (Top Shooter)
  • DTI Advanced Carbine (Top Shooter)
  • Aim Fast Hit Fast (Expert on the Wall of F.A.S.T.)
  • USSA Survival Shooting
  • Claude Werner – Snubby Skills
  • Magpul Carbine One
  • Jason Falla – Carbine & Handgun 3-Day
  • Steve Moses – Defensive Handgun
  • Oklahoma Shooting School (OSS) – Pistol Skills 2 through 5
  • OSS – Defensive Handgun 1 and 2
  • OSS – Home Defense Shotgun
  • OSS – Carbine

Additional Honors:

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Spencer believes that everyone (instructors included) should be life-long learners and never stop training, growing, and improving! So we’ll continue to update this list as his training resume and instructor credentials continue to expand.

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