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I have to admit I feel odd posting this here, but I thought some might find the info helpful. This is a short review of my AIWB Skills course, written by Jimmy Smith of F3 Tactical. Thanks, Jimmy, for the great review! Hope to see you on the range again soon.

From F3 Tactical ( FB page) Culpepper VA.

APPENDIX CARRY SKILLS with Spencer Keepers of Keepers Concealment is an excellent class for anyone new, experienced, or even just thinking about getting into the lifestyle of carrying a concealed handgun, Appendix Inside the Waistband, otherwise known as AIWB.

Spencer is a down to Earth, mild mannered and very even tempered dude from Oklahoma. He speaks softly but he’s an extremely effective communicator, which enables him to get his message across without any “Drill Instructor” shenanigans that might turn some folks off. It’s easy to see that Spencer truly believes in his craft, and he seems to REALLY enjoy working with others while watching them learn. John Murphy describes him best; “Spencer teaches from the heart.” I found that to be exactly the case!

This class had a total of 18 students, two relays filled with law enforcement, military, and legally armed “Joe&Jill Citizens.” The weather was brutally hot throughout this course at the FPF Training facility, but Spencer made sure everyone had time to hydrate and fuel-up throughout the day. Despite the extreme heat, each student stayed motivated and kept up with the pace of the course with no safety concerns or issues.

APPENDIX CARRY SKILLS starts with a brief which includes firearms safety fundamentals/rules and emergency plans for injured students and/or staff. Other important discussions and considerations were also touched upon, such as, type of armor used in different situations, body armor plates pricing, weapon holsters and types, and more. Spencer gives a brief overview of his background, his philosophy about carrying AIWB, and a short, broad discussion about gear choices. Then, it’s time to shoot!

“……for when you find yourself in a Walmart parking lot again at 2am because you made poor life choices and didn’t buy enough bacon to begin with!” -Spencer Keepers

I found the pace of this class to be extremely comfortable. Spencer utilizes the crawl, walk, run method and I felt like the students were moving at the perfect pace to learn new skills, practice them slowly/efficiently, then smoothly transition into live fire under a timer. Spencer gives a block of instruction, demonstrates his own ability to complete the drill, and then walks the line helping each student hone their own skill sets. He takes the time to visit with EACH AND EVERY STUDENT throughout this course, which is very rewarding to everyone IMHO. This class includes lessons in draw strokes, drawing and shooting while seated, reloads, cover garments, gear choices, sighting techniques, one handed gun manipulations and a whole lot more. There is a lot to cover in this one-day course, but Spencer makes the most of his available time.

There is some classroom work where Spencer discusses his own holster designs from Keepers Concealment (available here) and his philosophies on carrying concealed, AIWB. Spencer also talks quite a bit about holsters from other manufacturers, and how those might be conducive to other body types, lifestyles, training/working environments etc. This class is NOT about any ONE method or holster, but about MANY aspects of AIWB concealed carry and gear choices. To learn more about Spencer and his training program, you can read all about that and more, here: http://keepersconcealment.com/.

One interesting thing to note about Spencer is that he is extremely humble. This AIWB carry program came together from Spencer’s own experiences training with others, and he was very particular when giving credit to folks like John Farnam of DEFENSE TRAINING INTERNATIONAL, Craig Douglas of Shivworks, Ernest Langdon of Langdon Tactical, Inc. and Tom Givens of Rangemaster, among others. Those training experiences and relationships have molded Spencer’s own AIWB course into a well rounded curriculum which develops each student at their own pace. He gives many accolades throughout the class to those who have shaped his own skills and philosophies along the way as well.

I found this class to be immensely enjoyable to observe. Spencer’s teaching style is very smooth and deliberate, without any bravado whatsoever. He never talks of “absolutes” as in, “never do this” and “always do that” which I find refreshing. Spencer instructs from experience, and he teaches from the heart. All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone who carries AIWB……..and even of you don’t

Special thanks to John Murphy for allowing us the use of his range, and to Spencer Keepers for allowing me to tag along for this awesome training opportunity. It was well worth spending my day off with Spencer, John, and those motivated students, I can’t wait to do it again!

– Jimmy Smith, F3 Tactical, Inc. and F3 Tactical Training

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